Washington Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

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The Washington Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (WAFCS) is a professional organization dedicated to connecting professionals and touching lives. WAFCS is an affiliate of the national organization, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).

The mission of the Washington Affiliate is to provide leadership and services to our members, promote advocacy, and develop partnerships and alliances to enable communities, empower individuals, and strengthen families.

The August issue of of the WAFCS News Connection is now available!

WAFCS Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

Even though the Washington FCS Annual Conference is virtual, the Washington Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is keeping up the tradition of supporting our FCS students with scholarships. For the past several years there have been more openings than educators to fill the positions. It is important that we support future FCS professionals. We hope you will consider donating. Donations will be accepted until November 30, 2021.

Your donation of $10, $20, $25 or more will assist in the training of future FCS professionals

Thank you for your continuing support of our wonderful Washington students and the future of Family and Consumer Sciences Washington State.

To donate online, go to WAFCS Annual Student Scholarship on Facebook Fundraisers at

https://www.facebook.com/donate/398203845259831/4593453187372525/. If you prefer to donate by check, make it payable to WAFCS, note that it is to the Scholarship Fund, and mail it to Margaret Viebrock, WAFCS Treasurer, PO Box 550, Waterville, WA 98858-0550.

Request for Proposal: In the Area of Membership Recruitment and Retention

Purpose: Enlist the skills of an individual or team, (with a maximum of four members), to create a plan for the recruitment and retention of (new) members for the Washington Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, an affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and to implement that plan, with the support of the WAFCS Executive Board, starting on October 15, 2021 through January 15, 2022.

Scope of Work:

  1. Contact university students enrolled in a FCS or FCS-related disciplines
  2. Contact other prospective members, past FCS students or new professionals working in areas serving families, individuals, and communities in line with the AAFCS mission
  3. Start an Instagram or other social media contact for prospective WAFCS members
  4. Survey needs of prospective and new members for retention of at least two years
  5. Promote active involvement of members with WAFCS goals and initiatives
  6. Suggest and establish ways of maintaining contacts, serving on-going professional and personal educational needs, and recognizing the contributions of new members

Contract Period: This contract will be for the period from October 15, 2021, through January 15, 2022.  It may be renewed as funds are shown to be available and progress is being made.

Job Skills Required:

  1. Basic understanding of and commitment to Family and Consumer Sciences mission and goals.
  2. Computer and social media skills
  3. Ability to set personal goals to work toward and accomplish individual and group outcomes
  4. Commitment to setting aside time for accomplishment of contract work
  5. “Cold call” contact skills and persistence to follow up on those contacts
  6. Ability to keep records of and show progress on contracted project

Application Process – Due Oct 25, 2021

Submit a one-page letter of interest 1. Explaining why you/your team is interested in the job, including an experience highlighting your job skills, 2. Noting your knowledge of and involvement with FCS guiding principles, and 3. Contact information for two references for each team member who is available to address the qualifications of the prospective contracted worker

Applications will be accepted by e-mail to Margaret Viebrock at viebrock@wsu.edu

The complete article about Margaret’s career can be found from the August 2020 is of WSU Coug Life at: https://news.wsu.edu/2020/08/26/margaret-viebrocks-50-years-wsu-extension-parallels-evolving-roles-women-agriculture/

Congratulations to Dr. Debbie Handy, recently elected to the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Board of Directors!

Dr. Debbie Handy is the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher educator in the Department of Human Development. She began her career in Wisconsin as a junior and senior high home economics teacher and adviser for Future Homemakers of America. Her love for the content and student interaction led her to new, but related, opportunities after moving to Washington. She completed a Master’s degree in Clothing and Textiles and a Ph. D. in curriculum development and supervision. She assumed leadership roles through professional organizations and on departmental and campus committees. Dr. Handy was selected as the Executive Director for Washington’s affiliate of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America in 2000. She served in this role for 18 years. Dr. Handy values the time she spends with students in class and through student leadership. She stays abreast of classroom issues through active involvement with the family and consumer sciences teachers and teacher educator associations. Her research focuses on providing high quality instructional environments. She has studied school safety; engaged and collaborative learning; bullying; student leadership; and teachers’ roles as FCCLA advisers and collaborators in the learning environment. She is actively engaged in curriculum development and assessment through departmental and university committees. She leads the Washington State efforts to recruit family and consumer sciences professionals through Say Yes to FCS. She has been honored by her students and colleagues for collaboration, teaching, and advising.

Congratuations to the winners of our IFHE World Congress drawing. There were 11 entries to get a $1500 stipend to assist in attending the Congress. Our winners are Dr. Debbie Handy and Margaret Viebrock! Two alternatives were drawn: Roxanne Trees and Karen Bergh.